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Henry! you're hungry AGAIN? Henry Slideshow

"Bleckwehl's Henry is at it again. This time, he'll be an inspiration to kids everywhere who would rather eat french fries than broccoli and corn of the candy variety. Sir Henry to the rescue!"

--Lin Salisbury
    Community Relations Manager
    Barnes & Noble at the Galleria, Edina, MN

"Henry's like me. My tummy sounds like a cow in the morning too."

--Daniel Quist, age five.

Mary is available for school author visits, family literacy nights and young writer conferences. Contact her at 507-581-0970 or by email if interested.

What to eat, what to eat?!

Do you get crazy hungry like Henry? And what do YOU eat when you get really hungry? Healthy stuff like nuts? Or the best vegetable in the world--BROCCOLI? Not Henry! He prefers candy and fries, thank you! And a lot of it.

And what's wrong with that? Nothing, if you don't mind feeling shaky in gym class and having your teeth rot out. But what if your family and your teachers get the same idea to be sweet-aholics? Will everyone tumble into a junk food pit and never return? Or will someone come to the rescue?

Food is important, laughter is too! Get your dose today with HENRY! you're hungry AGAIN?

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Henry! You're Late Again!