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Henry Walking To School

People's Choice Award given by Duluth/Superior AAF, celebrating Art and Advertising

Henry! you're late AGAIN! won it's first award! The People's Choice Award for creativity in illustration was given February 25, 2011 by the Duluth/Superior AAF, celebrating Art and Advertising. Congrats to illustrator Brian Barber!

Henry! you're hungry AGAIN? is a:

"My family adores your books :-) I got my 4-year old daughter Henry! You're Hungry Again! for Christmas, and she's been wanting to read it non-stop (she was already very familiar with the character because they've read Henry! You're Late Again! at school several times). My 2-year old son has also enjoyed listening to it, especially my bellowing of "Henry! You're Hungry Again!" He lets me know he wants to read it when he bellows it out in this low, growly voice! Hopefully, I can catch it on video and send it to you. "
-- Alyssa Herzog Melby
   Executive Director, Northfield Arts Guild

"Mary Bleckwehl and Brian Barber have combined for another great picture book. A great lesson for all of us and I love the upside-down cupcake lights!"
--Amy Commers
   Youth Services Librarian
   South St. Paul Public Library

"I think it is so funny how the teachers are eating junk food too but then Henry comes to the rescue! I eat junk food sometimes but am lucky my teeth don't fall out. Well-maybe they could!"
--Jacob Ruesgen, age six

"I would recommend this book because I thought it was funny. Kids who only eat candy should read it so they wouldn't just eat candy."
--Halle Piehl, age eight

"The story did a great job of highlighting the effects of Henry’s choices. With the help of his friends Henry is able to not only help himself, but his family as well. The illustrations were fantastic. I gave this book a 5 out of 5 star rating."
--Kathy Kozak, ordinarygirlzbookreview

Too much junk food can lead to a very unhappy body. "Henry! You're Hungry Again?" is a children's picturebook following young Henry, as he copes with his poor diet and deals with the consequences, then realizes what's making him fall behind in gym class is his poor diet. With a positive message about eating moderately and healthily, "Henry! You're Hungry Again?" holds powerful and recommended read for young readers just starting to read on their own.  
--Midwest Book Review, Dec. 2012 

Henry has a stomach which continually calls on him to fill it, but the problem is that Henry’s choices are not wise ones. In Henry! You’re Hungry Again? He discovers through a “stay-fit” story that his gym teacher shares, just what kind of foods are needed to stay strong and healthy. After that, Henry finds way to “save his world” which includes his family and teachers. This is a beautifully illustrated book which enhances the great story. I was given this book for the review, but my opinions are solely my own. I highly recommend this book for families and classrooms.
 --Joyce Gilmour, Editing TLC Book Review

Henry! you're late AGAIN! is a:

Reviewer loves the 'patience' message in Henry!you're late AGAIN!

"It was a joy to have Mary Bleckwehl visit Holy Name of Jesus School! We are a Pre-k through 6th grade school and all grades benefited from her visit. She is a dynamic speaker and is clearly a "teacher at heart". Her book, Henry! Your Late Again is delightful and we would highly recommend her presentation to all schools."
--Kim Prodahl
   Library Specialist
   Holy Name of Jesus School
   Wayzata, MN

"Our children were enthralled with your visit... You have inspired some of them I am sure. Thanks again for coming and for the love and concern for our kids."  
--Molly Ring
   St. John's Lutheran School Teacher
   Lake City, MN

"This book will delight any child that has ever been late for reasons that were not under their control. The trials of tardiness affects us all, especially during the times when we are in a hurry to get somewhere. Children will be able to relate to Henry's plight. The colorful illustrations will bring a smile to the readers face as they follow along with Henry's adventure hoping that one day the poor child will get a break. What is interesting is that people are not always what they appear to be, and when we look deeper into someone's life, we begin to realize that most people are just misunderstood. A delightful read for all ages."
--Children's Book Reviewer

"Bleckwehl weaves plenty of humor into this tale, clearly tapping into her years as an elementary school teacher and experience as a mother of three to write from a child's perspective. That approach makes this a particularly appealing book in which Bleckwehl also teaches a kid-friendly lesson about patience."
--Audrey Kletscher Helbling
   MINNESOTA Moments Magazine, Winter 2012

"If you haven't read this book, I think you'll enjoy it. It's a winner!"
--Jerry Bilek
   Owner of Monkey See, Monkey Read Bookstore
   Northfield MN

"Mary created an entertaining story that was a lot of fun to illustrate.  With the chaos, mayhem and quirky characters, Henry! was one of my favorite projects I've worked on,"
--Brian Barber
   Illustrator of Henry! You're Late Again!

"This is an entertaining romp great for kids, preschool to 4th grade!"
--Chris Livingston
   Owner of The BookShelf
   Winona MN

 "Henry is such a loveable character and we all know the world is run by school secretaries!  With great artwork and a hysterical story, the book won't stay on the shelf!"
--Lezlea Dahlke
   Youth Services Librarian
   Winona Public Library

"It's just another crazy morning at Henry's house...Barber's jaunty illustrations add liveliness. His loose yet polished cartooning offers many visual gags, including portraits of a ferocious wolf hanging over the secretary's desk and bed, and Henry's dog's exaggerated facial expressions."
--Publisher's Weekly October 17, 2011

"Henry's family is a lot like yours and mine . . . big, busy, and sometimes chaotic. When Henry is late for school on Monday morning (AGAIN!) he discovers some happy surprises and learns that people aren't always what they seem. Henry is an endearing, conscientious character, and Mrs. Timberlane isn't all bad either! "
--Lin Salisbury
   Barnes & Noble at the Galleria Edina, MN

"Thank you again for coming today. Your presentation was so perfect for our “job day” the students had a really great time. They loved your book! "
--Dani Rypka
   1st Grade Teacher
   McKinley Elementary Owatonna, MN

"Poor Henry - late again, and again. It's not really his fault, but what's a kid to do? Henry not only has to deal with the problems of his family's inability to get up and going in the morning, but he has to face the dragon lady school secretary when he arrives late. His imagination takes over about the shortcomings of the school secretary, yet he bravely presents himself at her desk. Now, things really get confusing for Henry. All, it seems, has changed - for the better. An enjoyable read. The whimsical illustrations will attract children and enhance the emotional aspects of this story."
--Valerie Allen
   Author/Editor, Melbourne, FL

"Brilliant illustrations, impressive production and a delightful creative story combine to make "Henry You're Late Again" a wonderful reading experience for the four to eight year old child.

Dad slept in again. This makes Henry late for his first grade class. He will have to get another tardy slip and stern lecture from Miss Timberlane, the school secretary. Henry has more questions about how Miss Timberlane lives as his imagination and anxiety level increases with each additional minute he is late. Henry learns an important lesson through a delightful unexpected surprise event.

Henry's positive response to his problems provides an example for the reader and leaves them with a good feeling inside and a smile on the outside. "Henry You're Late Again" makes an excellent gift and a unique read aloud or read along experience for the classroom, bedtime, or for young readers to impress their peers or the important adults in their lives."
--Richard Blake
   Book Reviewer, Bridgman, MI

Mom's Choice Awards Honoree"Readers young and old can relate to the dread Henry feels walking into the school office to the Big Bad Wolf secretary as he arrives at school late once again.  Mary Bleckwehl has written an engaging and funny story that will grab readers of all ages.  The book won't stay on the shelf!"
--Joan Magnuson, Media Specialist
   Birch Grove Elementary School for the Arts, Brooklyn Park, MN

"Super good book!  I liked how it told us about an important school rule, which is being on time."
--Kaylee Campbell, first grader

"This is an adorable book that parents, teachers, and students will enjoy together over and over.  Every elementary school has a little  'Henry and Miss Timberlane.' And the pictures are delightful!"
--Amy Hamborg, Elementary Principal, Hudson, WI 
   Former Kindergarten Teacher and Pre-school Director

"I like Henry!-- He's funny.  The polka-dot underwear made me laugh.  I liked the whole book! "
--Connor Berndt, first grader

Awarded for humor in children's books




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