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"Henry! you're late AGAIN!" has just been released in HD.  It can be downloaded for $0.99.  Now you can see animations of Henry!, hear the author or "Henry" read the story and touch the screen to see what surprises you find! You can also read the App review here.

MCA Gold Award Recipient View book trailer & app video YouTube book trailer of Henry!

Late for school, late for school, what's a first grader to do?!

Do you have a BIG BAD WOLF waiting in your school office every time you're late for school? Henry does! Her name is Miss Timberlane, the school secretary and she's causing him a LOT of anxiety. What's Henry to do? Is it his fault that his family oversleeps and can't ever get him to school on time?

On this particular Monday morning, he's REALLY late.   Will the big bad wolf eat him alive or not?

Big Bad WolfHenry! you're late AGAIN!  is an entertaining dilemma that every reader young and old will enjoy over and over.  It moves from a stressful Monday morning complete with bold and quirky illustrations to a heartwarming ending- with a bit of a surprise in between! 

Target audience - four to eight year olds, but this is a story enjoyed by young and young at heart!