Every book has two stories-the one inside it and the one about it

Fetching Dreams

NEWEST  Book! June 2023. Contemporary Fiction Novel for tweens through adults.

A riveting story of two girls from very different cultures whose lives are threatened but together they form a common purpose to make a difference.

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Arrrgh! Me HATE To Wait!

NEWEST Picture Book! January 2023. For pirate and piggy fans, especially those who HATE to wait!

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Awesome Disgusting Careers Series

(4 books, 2022, from Black Rabbit Books)

Available in Spanish also

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The Worry Knot

2022 RELEASE!! ebook, audio,  and print copies. Order today here! or ask for it at your local bookstore

Recommended for ages 10 and above

Rourke is hoping for a perfect seventh grade year but he’s a boy who worries—a lot. It affects his friendships, his sleep, and his stomach. In a story of compassion and unexpected discoveries, Rourke’s worries ease and he realizes no one’s life is perfect—just different.

The Birthday Cookbook

2021 Release! -Part of the Holiday Recipe Box Series for Ages 8-12

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Claire’s Hair

A tale of friendship, empathy and a LOT of hair! –There’s not much Claire’s hair can’t do. It’s a jump rope, it ties up bad guys, and only needs washing once a year! But can her wild and wacky tresses make her best friend laugh again?

Illustrated by Sara Weingartner:

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Henry You’re Hungry Again

A humorous dose of healthy eating advice–What’s a kid to do when they get the hungries? Munch on some broccoli or dig into a heap of fries? Henry loves his junk food but finds he’s not the only one–it’s ‘Henry to the Rescue’ time!

Illustrated by Brian Barber:

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Henry You’re Late Again

Late for school, late for school, what’s a kid to do?–Do you have a big bad wolf waiting in your school office every time you’re late? Henry does. Or does he? An unexpected surprise.

Illustrated by Brian Barber:

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