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A word spoken is gone. Write it down and it begins a whole new life.


They are important. We all learn by connecting the dots. When we relate to a story, experience or another person, it’s interesting and fun! Here are some activities you can check out that connect to my books.


Ever wanted to write a monster or adventure story or use alliteration in a poem? Lots of tips for fun writing here! – This site contains useful material to assist  in educating for character – This site teaches letters, sound and reads stories to your child as they follow allow with highlighted text. – Features animated talking picture books that teach young children the joy of reading in a format they love. – Family fun crafts, games and parent blog – Learning site with the latest techy activities! – Many websites from animals to science to history – Teachers! Parents!  Check out this great site for free teaching resources including lesson plan and seasonal ideas, printables and more!

Happy Birthday Author – a fun website for parents and teachers to use when studying authors!

Seussville – Calling all Dr. Seuss lovers to this great website.  (Remember to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday every Mar. 2 and join the NEA celebration of Read Across America) – for adults who wish to write for kids – for kids, teachers, classes; free access to creating stories, comics, and illustrations – write, share, read with the other 9 million in this online community. FREE!

Thinking of a Writing Career? – writing basics and tips for all ages; career options, education, skills, editing, self-publishing, and more!

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Listen to the author read Henry! you’re late AGAIN! by dialing 1-951-262-3818 and entering 210352

Illustrator Information

Sara Weingartner

Illustrator of: Claire’s Hair

“I am a graphic artist – an illustrator, designer, animator, and photographer. I love the variety of bouncing between all of those, coming up with ideas and making stuff. I live in lovely Duluth, Minnesota, USA, at the western edge of Lake Superior. I make books, movies, cartoons, posters, and more.”

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“I have always loved creating. I remember making little toilet paper and Elmer’s glue characters, and tucking these precious creations into my secret drawer. I think I was 5. I wish I could see them again.”

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