It’s not really Christmas until I’ve created something with my own hands to give as a gift. And I’m not one to really follow a pattern or the recipe. I like putting my own touch on things. Over the years, it’s been jewelry, knitted scarves, candles, pinterest ideas (that didn’t turn out like the computer image!), jams, lefse (yes, I’m one of the million Norwegians in this state), snowmen made from socks and a lot of smelly product…you get the idea. This year I made these snuggly sleep bags for the two little ones in my life. I even made the mini ones for their “babies”. I hope they have as much fun as I did making them-somewhat without a pattern.
This obsession to create is probably what I cherish most about writing. I pluck the idea from somewhere and go with it. Sometimes it’s a flop and sometimes it’s an award winning piece. But it’s a creation all my own. I write as though no one will ever read it, which is probably not what an editor/publisher would recommend, but it works for me as I feel a sense of freedom in doing it my way. What about you? Do you color inside the lines? follow all the rules? delight in being different?