It’s not easy to stand out and get noticed unless you are willing to rob a bank and get caught on the surveillance camera. Then you can become an overnight sensation. If you’re looking for a slightly more positive way to be recognized, it takes  talent, perseverance and perhaps a bit of luck. As a writer, I do not choose my topic or slant my story with the intention of being recognized by the masses or winning a prize. I simply want to engage readers (especially the reluctant ones) in a fun experience of story. However, I have to admit that when one of my books receives special recognition from the book industry, I stand a little straighter and feel like my career is the best one in the world! There’s a lot of competition for book awards so I was especially shocked when my first book, Henry you’re late AGAIN! earned a first place award for humor ahead of a book written by famous comedian, Jeff Foxworthy. Go figure.

Today I opened my email to 42 unread emails. I was nearly done when I opened the one that said Claire’s Hair has been named a finalist for the Foreword Review Children’s Picture Book of the Year Award! Over 2200 entries. I would love to be named the winner (stay tuned for that announcement in June!) but for now, I’m very happy with the honor of being recognized among so many worthy writers.