First of all, how can it be that I haven’t posted for nearly 2 months. Seemed I just did that…but I’m back!

Did you know yesterday was Super Saturday? (This is where you say, really? why’s that?)Well, first-Mother Nature delivered an absolutely PERFECT 10 for weather and, after our Minnesota winter and not so great spring, we are READY!

Second-my daughter, Nicole, and I participated in the World Vision Global 6K near a gorgeous park/lake.This is a annual event where people from all over the world walk or run 6K to bring lasting clean water to children in need. Why a 6K? It’s the average round trip distance women and children in the developing world walk for water — water that often causes life-threatening illnesses. I have a middle grade novel about this due out next year. Stay tuned!

Third-My latest picture book, Claire’s Hair, was a finalist in 3 of the 29 award categories at the Midwest Book Awards Gala last evening in St. Paul. It won in 2 of them!–for Children’s Fiction and Illustrations (thank you Sara Weingartner!). Only got beat out in the total book design category by former VP Walter Mondale’s book. It’s okay Walter-no grudges, your book is beautiful! I’m honored to be in the finalist category with a former Vice President! I hope I am still putting out award-winning books when I’m 91. Thank you for inspiring writers.